Приблизительный расчет стоимости
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Counting of compartment-dressers` approximate value

Size of dressers
Hight of dressers Metre
Width of dressers Metre

Sorts of doors
Glass doors  
Wood doors  
Mirror doors  
Laminated plastic doors  

Sorts of profiles
Standart(wood texture)  

The administration of Paharan company is not responsible
for prices gotten by calculating as the form calculates the rough estimate of compartment-dressers.

Width Respect from Administration of Salon Paharan.

Stucture of dresser
Without site boards With site boards  

Inside details(filleings)
Moving boxes with site boards  View the example >>  
Moving boxes without site boards  View the example >>  
Metal baskets for laundry  View the example >>  
Metal baskets for shoes  View the example >>  
Elevator tabs  View the example >>  
Value of doors Dram
Value of inside delails Dram
Value of site boards Dram
Approximate avarage of values Dram
View the steps of the compartment-dressers order.
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